Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snack #21: Fry Bread and Green Stuff

Fry Bread Stand
Fry bread and soy milk is a very common Thai breakfast. It's one I eat on occasion. Problem is, it is really only of snack size so does not stick with me until lunch time. On this day all they had to go with the bread was this green stuff. It's got the consistency of pudding, but pudding it is not. I do believe it is colored and flavored with pandan. It is sweet, but not too sweet. With the slightly salty bread, it is quite good.


Meud said...


The green stuff is called "Sang-Kha-Yar". You're right it's colored ans scented by pandan. The other ingredients are milk, eggs and some flour.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore/malaysia, we call this green thing KAYA (almost same name as Thai) and its made with the same ingredients. The fried bread is call YOU TIO (fried fritters) origin from China. Thai version are smaller than the original

/Singapore reader/