Saturday, January 27, 2007

Snack #27: Waffle

Waffle Cart
Waffles are a common street snack for some reason. I guess people like them here. The worst snack I ever had was a waffle on a stick, with a sausage inside. I bought two waffles from this cart; one with corn, the other with raisins. The real reason I snacked here, besides for the sake of this project, was that this vendor is my regular guy for buying prepared fruit (see mango with chili and fish sauce). It just so happens he also has a waffle cart.


alfred said...
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alfred said...

Not all waffle on a stick are not good. It is depend id on the vendor on how it will be cooked or being prepared. I loved waffle a lot. I can also do it my own in an easier way but yummy taste. cheer!