Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Snack #3: Green Mango With Sweet Fish Sauce

Fruit Man

Mango time

Thai people like their food underripe. They sweeten it up with some sugar. And of course they fishen it up with fish sauce. Also, let's not forget the chili.

Green Mango with sweet fish sauce


Kaela said...

Wow. I suspected, but did not know, that such wonderful food existed. It makes me want to run outside and check a local food cart. But sadly, I know all I would get are hot dogs and soft pretzels.

Anonymous said...

This is a favorite snack in Isaan.

mtan said...

HI, i saw your blog mentioned at Eating Asia. green mangoes eaten with spicy and salty fish sauce is also common in the Philippines; we have a very pungent fish or shrimp paste that we eat our green mangoes with. Love the combination. And when I go to Bkk, i love to buy the green mangoes and dip it into the salt/sugar/chilli dips.