Thursday, April 12, 2007


After twenty plus hours of travel, a few hours of restless sleep, it was time for breakfast.
First up it was jok moo sai kai- rice porridge with pork balls and egg. 20 Baht.

To my great surprise, mangosteens are now in season. I very quickly bought a kilo for thirty baht, ate most of them, and then regretted only buying one kilo.

I didn't find a coffee or tea stand on my street today. Maybe it's because of Sonkran (sp?); thai new year. But I did manage to find this lovely little snack of rice cakes filled with mung bean, and topped with coconut. You need to sweaten these yourself, hence the bag of sugar.

Can't wait for lunch.


Kaela said...

I love your food blog. I get to experience meals I could never have sitting here in Philadelphia. I have no idea what a mangosteen is, but now I really want one. Or two.

codexgirl said...

I could live off of mangosteens... I miss them so!