Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunrise Tacos

Lately I've let things slide. If you know me, I have a fair bit of contempt for many people I know for not taking full advantage of the brilliant and cheap cuisine here in Thailand. It's all too easy for many to set themsleves down in a fake pub, a chain fast food restaurant, or some other poor imitation of the familiar than to try something local. I've probably uttered this on this blog before but I'll say it again: Eat locally for the highest quality, authentic, and cheapest food. Perhaps there's nice Italian in Bangkok, but it will cost several hundred percent more than the excellent local cuisine. If you want Thai food back home, it will cost one thousand percent more. This is not an exaggeration. Take advantge while you can.

Friday night saw a group of us make a pilgrimage to Sunrise Tacos down on the dreaded Sukhumvit Road, near Asok BTS station. We were hungry for the promised tacos and burritos, and thirsty for the margaritas.

I ordered a burrito. It was ok. Then I ordered some tacos.

What's wrong with these tacos? Well, what's right? The tortillas were at least fresh and made on the premise. Unfortunately, the jalapenos, the sour cream, and the cheese were all very wrong. Not that they tasted bad, just not right.

We ordered some margarits. In fact we ordered a couple of pitchers.

We ordered both with an added shot of tequilla to make sure they would not be weak. The first pitcher was alright, the second was weak. A friend in my party even told the owner this, but we were assured that they were both made as ordered.

The owner is, to be perfectly honest, a balding overweight America. I was hoping this was due to his sampling of Mexican cuisine. A sign of his experience and expertise. He was proud to tell me that many of the ingrediants were imported. I think he told me twice. This admission helps me emphasize the fact that ingredients for this kind of food are not easy to get even in Bangkok. Some in my party described the owner as a former used car salesman who continued to offer upgrades to our food with the refrain, "That'll cost a little extra." This wasn't a problem for me, but now I can't get it out of my head. The owner was personable but a little overworked. He had just gotten write ups in a couple local publications.

The place was full of giddy diners who were looking for the opportunity to eat the rarest of cuisines in bangkok. I wonder what they thought.

It was a little like North America. I got to look at a parking lot while I ate.

The verdict: mehhh.
To say that this one fills a need, a special craving, would be a stretch. Perhaps people who grew up not eating alot of Tex Mex, never sampled the street fare in Mexico, or have not eaten this kind of food in a VERY long time, this place is a nice little novelty. But I can not help but feel that this food is a poor imitation of something I really love. To choose to eat at this kind of place is selling both myself and the cuisine short. I would rather eat at a place where the ingredients are more easily procured so the food can be prepared up to standard.


Sun Belt Asia said...

I think this is the best mex food outside the usa!

a said...

Well mister, or Miss "Sun Belt Asia," I for one thing that the best Mexican food outside of the USA comes from MEXICO! Thanks for stopping by!

mtan said...

We have lousy texmex and Mexican food in Manila. Which I find strange because historically there are ties between the philippines and mexico (galleon trade); and you'd think we'd have some decent choices by now. But it can be better than nothing in times of great need.