Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ayutthaya Dining

My parents are visiting so this weekend we went to Ayutthaya. I wanted to show them the sprawling ruins, and feed them excellent food.

Whenever I leave Bangkok, I spend a good amount of time enjoying local food specialties, and a slower pace of life. One thing I also always do is visit the markets. Although I do often visit my neighborhood morning market, it is nothing like the sprawling markets I frequent outside of town. Although Bangkok has its share of large markets, none of them are paticularly close to my house. Thus, getting out of Bangkok allows me the opportunity to really enjoy the morning market culture. Here's what I do when I go to the morning market: pick up a variety of kanom, or snacks, then find a Coffee and Tea Vendor and plop down and watch the vendors and other other traffic.
This day's meal was a light affair after a previous day's food orgy. All we had this day was Pa Thong Koh: essentially fried dough with hint of salt. Good with tea, coffee, or rice porridge.

We also had Kanom Krok (a personal fave) which are coconut pudding cakes. I like the banana leaf boats. Ahoy!

Dinner was a little trickier. I always bemoan the difficulty in finding a decent place to eat in Bangkok, or anywhere else really. I can find good food on any street but am really frustrated by how many mediocre restraunts I have been to in Bangkok. A recommendation was in order. I'll just be honest here: I more or less followed in Realthai's footsteps to visit the exquisite Baan Wacharachai and frankly, it was one of the best Thai meals I have ever had. Enjoy.

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