Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Buns like these can be purchased all over Bangkok. They are of Chinese Origin, but as I have never been to China, I have little point of reference. I will say this: these are the best I've had in Thailand. I've purchased them in Chinatown, but never with great success. Today, two were purchased. The black bean version was consumed before the camera could be produced. Highly recommended.

Here's the other offering:

The exterior was nice and flaky, while the insides were sweet, but of uncertain origin. The woman said some kind of bean; Maybe mung bean (thua ngok), but I'm not so sure. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Looks like a moon cake maybe?

Kaela said...

What's the little stamp on top? Does it mean anything?

a said...

Well, yes it is a moon cake, but of what exactly?

As per the stamp I'm not sure. I had thought a Chinese character, but I'm not really sure. They are stamped on all the cakes from the stand.

Earlier today I had another cake that a co-worker said "Shows respect for the moon." It was filled with sweet mung bean and a the yolk from a quail egg. Very rich.

puck said...

I would say it is very similar to a moom cake, but ot exactly. The shell is flakier and the paste is not as sweet as a moom cake. Actually, I prefer this one to the moom cake. :) Yum!
Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy it.


Meud said...

Hello..I really like your blog too. Let me introduce myself. My name is "Meud". I'm Thai but had lived in U.S. for 5 years. Just came back in Feb, 2007.

Anyway, I'm really glad you have good time living in Thailand and enjoy Thai food. Therefore, it's my pleasure to clarify any doubt you have.

This Bun called "Kanom Pea" (but it's not made from Pea" The filling is made from some kind of green squash and some small white beans as you can see. The other popular filling is stirred durian and hard egg yolk.

FYI - mung bean is not 'thua ngok'.
thua ngok = bean sprout
but thua ngok is a mung bean sprout. Am I confusing you?

Again! I really enjoy your blog.

a said...

Thanks Meud

I really appreciate the help. I have lived in Thailand for some time now, but I've still lots to learn. Thanks for stopping by!