Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Restaurant, Old Favorite

A new chicken restaurant opened up last week just down the street from my work. Today a group of us decided to try it out.

I quickly orderd Khao Mok Gai. Yellow rice and chicken.

I eat this whenever I get the chance as until just last week there wasn't a place that sold it very near my house.

Al had a rather lackluster looking Khao man gai.

I didn't taste it. Maybe it was good.

The real star of the show was what E and D ordered.

A very lovely Khao Soi. For the uninitiated, Khao Soi is a Northern Curry noodle, not particularly common in Bangkok. It's topped off with pickled greens, onions, and fried noodles. I didn't order this only because in a matter of days I'm off to the north of Thailand for a few weeks. I'll get my fill there, though I wish I had ordered it today.

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