Friday, September 28, 2007


Here's today's snack/breakfast.

Sticky rice with black beans and a banana in the center; garnished with coconut and topped off with sugar and sesame seeds. I was quite excited as it looked really delicious. It was not. The rice was dense. It hit the stomach like a brick. Oh well.

I'll be away from this here blog for a few weeks while I eat and bicycle my way 'round Northern Thailand. See you soon!


i am thai people said...

I not like this snack same same you. good for a children kha.

Anonymous said...

Vietnameses also have many versions of this type of snack. It's called Banh' U' or banh' te't
... green beans, meat (sometimes ripe banana) are in the center, sticky rice outside; all r wrapped tightly in banana leaves, and cooked for hours, then finally one will have banh' tet'