Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What's this?

I find sweet snacks, or maybe they find me. This here was a real doozie. It was a coconut, a very mature one at that, with a lot of rich meat. The confusing part was that is seemed syrupy, but I watched the coconut lady open it up and introduce only sugar. I've eaten many coconuts in a number of different countries, but this one was different. The price added to the mystery as well. 40 or 50 Baht if I remember correctly.

This was very sweet and rich. It gave me both a headache and stomachache. For some this might sound like a recommendation, to others a warning. This was procured about 60 Km south of Songkhlaburi on the side of a very beautiful stretch of road. Happy hunting.


puck said...

Hi a,

It is a coconut that grows from a regular coconut tree. It happens in one out of ten or twenty regular coconuts, so that it is more expensive than the regular ones. I am not quite sure about it. I have to ask my mom and will let you know later. It has a special name - which sticks at my lips.

I regognize it but I am not certain about it. Why? -- easy --I don't like its taste and texture. You get 3 stars for your bravery. :)


Meud said...

I'm not sure about this but I guess that might be "an embryo bud of a coconut tree". For the one you had, I guess(again)it might be a really big one- so mature that it fit the shell. So she opened up and put the sugury syrup, which was absorbed by the spongy-liked texture.

Make any sense??

Anonymous said...

I agree with Puck --- this is a mutant coconut. In the Philippines, we call this 'macapuno' which means 'full'. It is never eaten raw, but cooked in syrup or made into candies.

reyna said...

hi, i think that coconut is a variety which is known as a 'macapuno' here in the philippines. it's usually made into dessert with the addition of syrup and can be eaten on its own but is actually best taken with other stuff that makes up a popular filipino iced dish called 'halo-halo.'