Monday, November 5, 2007

Begging for Squid

This evening as I walked up Silom Road I was approached by a late thirty something (fortysomthing?) man. Maybe he was Irish. I'm not sure. He told me a very familiar story about having his things stolen, his embassy was closed for the day, so he needed some money. Maybe for a hostel. Anyhow, I tried to give him the impression that I wasn't his guy, but to no avail. He claimed he could pay me back, but it didn't seem very heartfelt. He even suggested I go to an ATM. Right. I agreed to give him what was in my pocket, 20 Baht, but only while telling him my suspicions. I told him that his story was in fact very familiar. I have heard it all over the world. I have even fallen for it before. He gave me my money back and said "You people make me sick." He said something about being offered only 20 Baht one too many times. He stomped off down the street mumbling to himself.

I continued to walk when I came across a squid stand on Sathorn Road that does a lot of business after normal working hours. It was quiet, and I had the 20 Baht just burning a hole in my pocket.

I wondered if my new friend would have enjoyed a bag of squid, but I'm sure it was not the kind of bag he was looking for.


Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron,

The squid looks wonderful and yes, the line sounds all too familiar. The details and location are the only variables. As I sit here at 9:30 AM, I could eat a bowl of that squid right now! Dad

Katie said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now and just wanted to say thanks for writing it. I love the pictures and always look forward to what you're eating next. I just wish I could join you! It's hard to recreate street food at home, although I've tried.

a said...

thanks katie! thanks for stopping by.


Kaela said...

Yeah, I've heard that story, too, here in Philadelphia. I fell for it when I first moved here but not since then.