Monday, November 12, 2007

Yam Naem

Now this is interesting: the following dish was presented to me by some co-workers the other day and they called it "Yam Naem." I was puzzled because I know yam naem as a fermented, limey, and spicy "salad." This was entirely different.
This one is made with large balls comprised of rice, pork, and spices, that is all mixed together then eaten with greens.

So many greens were given to eat this with that in fact it was like I was eating a "salad" as I know it: heavy on green leafy vegetables. There was: lettuce, basil, and betel leaves. Very satisfying.

I always wondered what this dish was, but for some reason never bothered to try it. Maybe there is a lesson here. I'll let you figure it out.


Austin said...

It's actually called naem khluk. The balls are just rice--the pork comes separately. I like it a lot too, but got very sick from eating it once and haven't tried it again since.


a said...

Thanks for that. Funny thing is, when I asked my co-workers what this was they all said "Yam naem." When I asked the vendor, he also just said "Yam Naem." Very confusing.

This reminds me of the time I wanted to order some Thai coffee, but I certainly did not want nescafe. When I asked my co-worker the name of what it was I wanted, she didn't know the answer. It certainly does have a name, one that I thought every thai person would know. Go figure.

Robyn said...

If you want real coffee ask for cafe boh-rahn.
Boraan is a village (town?) in N Thailand famous for its coffee ... but it seems to also be a generic terms for real coffee (ie not Nescafe). It's worked for us.

IMO Nescafe is a scourge on the Thai street coffee scene.

a said...

Yeah. I always have to tell them "cafe boran," but for the longest time I had no idea. I thought asking my thai co-workers was the best way. I had to look it up on the internet. Or maybe it was in a book...

Anyhow, I've a lot more to say about this. Maybe I'll leave it to a later post.


Meud said...

The name was shorten from "Yam Naem Kow Dtod". Thais call it just "Yam Naem" for short beause it's street food and it's was clear the Yam will come with 'Kow Dtod' when you order at the stand.

a said...

That certainly makes sense. Thanks.

Irene said...

this is my fav too! but I usually omit d rice ball & eat it for lunch everyday after my Hot yoga session! Yummy!