Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snack a Day 2008, Snack #27: Kanom Plakrim Kai Tao

Today's snack was found from a vendor who was also selling what I bought yesterday. Not the same vendor though.

The guy doesn't look very happy about me taking a photo. I asked and he was okay with it, but only okay. The point of interest is not front and center, but on the right hand side.

That there is kanom plakrim kai tao. Sweet and salty tapioca noodles. The sweet noodles come in a sweet syrup, the salty ones come in salty coconut milk. This is not the most picturesque way it is sold. That would be a vendor carrying two ceramic pots, one containing sweet, the other containing the salty noddles. The noodles are mixed when a purchase is made. You get the idea, no? Anyhow, this vendor has a very nice snackmobile nonetheless.

A good version of this snack is a nice treat. Mixing the sweet, and the rich salty noodles together creates a very nice balance. This version unfortunately was watery, mushy, and bland.

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