Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snack a Day 2008, Snack #29: Takoyaki

Foreign snacks are everywhere. Of course, to talk about what is foreign, begs to bring up what is "native". It's complicated. For now let's just leave it at that. Today's snack is definitely an import. These fried balls are what we in the snack business call takoyaki.

In Japanese, I imagine Takoyaki just means fried octopus. The fact that in Thai the word for octopus and squid is the same complicates the matter of what you're actually getting. Anyhow, takoyaki is made of batter, octopus, ginger, green onions, and fish shavings. It's topped with mayo and sweet sauce. There are choices of filling at this stand. The woman kept trying to suggest "ham" after I had already ordered my takoyaki with pla-meuk (squid/octopus).

I ate one ball without incident. The next ball tasted funny, as did the next one. I bit half way into another to learn that the funny taste was in fact hot dog.

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