Saturday, February 2, 2008

American Breakfast

I've just sat down and eaten another perfect breakfast. It was a mix of food from the street and things prepared in my small kitchen. It is always exciting to see what kinds of fresh snacks and fresh produce I can find at the daily morning market on my street. It seems like a no-brainer to customize your eating style to the locally available food. Eat what's fresh; eat what's in season.

On a recent trip to Sangklaburi in Kanchanaburi province, we stayed at the Pornpailin Resort, where breakfast was included with the room. When breakfast time was upon us, we made our way to the restaurant where one of the wait staff gave us a knowing look and said, "Oh, American breakfast." The horror, the horror.

If you think that this is an anomaly, you are fact mistaken. All over the world, rich westerners travel to far off regions to eat "American Breakfast", beans on toast, or some other abortion without sampling the local fare. Unfortunately, many restaurants and hotels are more than happy to oblige. Eating familiar and or comfort food is no crime, but there's absolutely no reason to eat such poor a version. Mind you, it isn't only westerners who partake in this eating ritual. Just to be fair it is necessary to point out that Korean travelers are infamous for traveling with their own Korean ramen, and Thai people are known to travel with their maw-maw noodles.

The above is so appalling because Kanchanaburi province is simply flooded with excellent produce, and up the road Sangkhlaburi's own market is full of fresh snacks and meals while the above relies heavily upon processed and frozen foods.


addiechang said...

That's actually reminded me my holidays in bangkok.....

a said...

Are those fond memories?