Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jawa Mosque Street Fair

Today I received a text message from N alerting me to the yearly street fair at the local mosque. Bring your camera he urged.

This was a great street fair. The small street was crowded with people and food stalls. My idea of a good time. I am certainly an exciting fellow.

As a rule I don't usually take photos of things I don't consume, but I liked the looks of these chickens. These chickens are placed whole into a fryer then hung out to dry.

I gravitated toward a roti mataba stand. There was a curisoity though. An unfamiliar sweet version was being prepared. The woman told me that it was banana, but I think it also had jack fruit or mango as well as dried fruit.

Unfortauntely, I had already reached my sweets quota for the day, so I opted for the chicken version.

It was certainly excellent. This snack is often bland and greasy on the street. This one was fresh and strong on the spices.

E saw a shawarma stand and couldn't say no. Can you really blame her?

Initially I was jealous about this one. The wrap included a generous ladle full of yogurt sauce and hot sauce on top of the obligatory beef, lettuce, and tomatoes. Looks were deceiving. It was very poor, but so what? This was a great community event. People brought the kids, the old folks in wheelchairs, and their little doggies. What could be better? On the way home a couple of old guys stopped us and wanted to know if we'd had a good time. I was touched. As a foreigner you're constantly reminded of how you stick out and don't really fit in. It is always nice to be made to feel welcome.

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Xander said...

I can't believe I wasn't there. That food looks amazing. -X