Friday, April 25, 2008

Coffee in Paradise

We recently were on Koh Libong in southern Thailand. One of the frustrating things about travelling to such places is usually the dearth of decent food and drink. Many Thai islands have small or non existent local populations. People are often only there to serve the tourists who would like to visit. You often only get the most generic tourist fare without regard to the region's unique flavors. Our guest house served very poor food and equally appalling coffee. No matter, one of the small Muslim villages the dot the island was not far from our bungalow. Ten minutes up the beach and we were in "town". After our first day of putrid nescafe, we were able to track down some great food and a gem of a coffee stand. Southern style coffee, or kopi was on offer. It made for one of my favorite coffee spots in recent memory. Who would have thought?

I have mentioned a time or two before that Thai coffee just doesn't stack up to Lao, Vietnamese, or even homemade coffee. It's often too sweet, or too weak. Kopi is not fleshed out with so it's more reliably dark and rich. This coffee at eight baht a cup with tea was a bargain.

Our party of four gave a good bit of business to this stand. We had a coffee (well, two a piece) in the morning, followed by afternoon tea with 13 sticky rice snacks! The next morning was (a lot more) kopi and fried bananas.

Maybe not the healthiest breakfast, but certainly a great one.


Xander said...

Mmm, looks delicious- I'm intrigued by the sticky rice snacks. Good coffee is definitely one of the things I miss most when I'm traveling. -X

Robyn said...

Yes -c an we hear more about those sticky rice pancakes, please?

Chinese Thai vendors usually have great coffee. A Chinese coffee shop in Nan was our a.m. saving grace there and after an hour trolling Dalat Klong Toey in a haze of severe caffeine deprivation we found a kicka** cuppa at a little stand run by an Chinese guy whose tables were populated by a gaggle of old Chinese guy regulars.

a said...

Argh, you guys are killing me. I don't have a photo, but it's very simple really: they were your standard sticky rice, surrounding a banana, wrapped in a banana leaf. Great breakfast and or snack. I'm sure you guys have had them before. Right? For a couple photos look here:

and here:

These were supposed to part of a post a long time ago, but got overlooked I guess. Hope this helps!