Friday, April 4, 2008

Up and Up to Phoukhoun

From Kasi the road got a lot steeper. Up and up we rode to Phoukhoun. The road wasn't straight up, just a steady climb. It was a difficult but breathtaking ride.

We passed through countless villages where hordes of children would run out from their abodes yelling "Sabaidee!!!" and waving like mad. Some kids opted to put their hands out for high fives. I was happy to oblige.

We rolled in to Phoukhoun at about two in the afternoon. Upon hearing us speaking Thai the owner of the guesthouse was excited to tell us all of his feelings about Thailand in rapid fire mode. He aired some grievances that I think are on many people's minds who have studied their history and Thai popular culture. He complained that he doesn't like the way Lao people are portrayed in the Thai television that he sometimes watches. He also explained to us why he thinks Isaan should really be part of Laos. I recommend you do a little research about this if you want to know more. It's interesting, I promise. Our heads were spinning from this barrage, and from the severe hunger from our difficult days ride.

Can you guess what we ate?

Gotta love those greens!

As I've said before, I love Pho, but the calorie deficit was starting to be a problem.

That night we had to beg a girl at a local restaurant to make us something different. Boiled chicken, stir fried veggies, and sticky rice couldn't possibly taste better.

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