Friday, May 9, 2008

Familiar Flavors

I had intended to ruminate on the future but decided instead to give you an ever so quick look at something I've been greedily eating as of late: "Mexican" food. Or more accurately, Tex-Mex, Mexican American food, or what have you. I mention this because this is not the food of Mexico. That is an entirely different animal. A mongrel of sorts. Regardless, I am crazy about this kind of food and outside of North America, good luck finding it. And no, Sunrise Tacos in Bangkok doesn't count!

The ubiquitous Virgen de Guadalupe greeted me as I awaited my burrito at Las Brasa taqueria in Eugene, Oregon . I am a lifelong religious skeptic (to put it lightly) but it was nice to see the ole virgin once again. After about two years of state sponsored Buddhism complete with lord knows how many Buddha images, this was a refreshing sight.

As I awaited my burrito I overheard:

Man: Can I get an all meat burrito? I don't want all them rice and beans. If it's good I won't visit any other Spanish restaurant. I'll be a loyal customer.

He was rather obese and of course his pants were falling down. I think he was drunk.

It was the size of a baby seal. The good thing is that you need not club it to death to enjoy. Bring a friend along and you both get enough to keep you going long enough until the next binge is upon you.

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