Thursday, May 8, 2008

One Last Look

My last day living in Bangkok was a day where full stomachs and or indigestion would not stand in the way. The day started out like any other with a trip to the morning market. We bought patong ko, soy milk, and coffee from our favorite coffee vendor. I wanted to tell her we'd be gone but decided against it.

Lunch was a really excellent plate of stir fry at a nearby stand where I got to eat my favorite: pat krapao pla-meuk. After visiting this stand over and over again they finally got it right. They didn't see my face and assume I wanted it not spicy. After ages of having to plead to have my food served spicy I had all but given up. Luckily, they made me a rich and spicy krapao that was one of the best I had had in some time.

After lunch it was an unfamiliar and much taken for granted fruit vendor who served up very good pineapple and ok papaya. A walk on silom road yielded thod mun pla, miang kham, and a much enjoyed durian and sticky rice.

A trip to the market near home produced a kilo of rambutan and two kilos of mangosteens.

Dinner was a wander through Chinatown complete with a bag of iced black coffee, a meal at one of my favorite noodle stands, and a bowl of bua loy naam king.

All of this was too much and not enough really. I'd had it with Bangkok yet never really had my fill. They city and country is and will be indifferent to my presence and that's okay.


Xander said...

Whoa, where is dish a day going? -X

a said...

Hey xander. God, who knows. I'm sitting on a pile of stuff from over the last couple of months which may or may not see the light of day. I'm currently in my home state of Oregon. As for my place of future residence, it looks like the bay area. I'm still mulling over whether or not to continue this thing here or move it on elsewhere. What do you think?

Robyn said...

Yowza, lots unsaid in that post. Don't suppose you'd consider delving a little deeper?

Well, do post the leftovers you have ... and once you get to where you are going to be settling for a while, the shape of a next blog will come to light, I'm sure.

Katie said...

I have really enjoyed your blog, and would enjoy the "leftovers" - I am selfishly sad that you've left Bangkok because I won't be able to live vicariously through you anymore, but hope that wherever life takes you next will be a good place. Thanks for taking the time to share your eating adventures in Thailand with us, and do let us know if you start a new blog!

a said...

This is a conversation that could turn into a long meandering rant. To sum up: I love certain things about Bangkok and not fond of others. The city always drove me crazy. The street, market, and food culture was simply amazing and that's why I blogged about it. I really disliked the pollution, the traffic, and the lack of green space. I am from Oregon and it all became too much! Other parts of the country are certainly pleasant though! I've always more to say but let's leave it at this for now...

After not residing in America since late 2003, I'm "home" and am trying to wrap my head around a few things. We'll see how it goes. Watch this space!

Ward said...

Hey dude - Remember me. Ward, Nicks brother. You and your wife showed me how to eat Korean food in Bangkok last October. It was wonderful and I will never forget it.

I have enjoyed your blog now and again and I hope you keep it up after you leave the land of smiles.

Look me up if you ever get to St. Paul / Minneapolis. We have a large immigrant population of Vietnamese and Hmong. Makes for some great ethnic restaurants.

You are a good food photographer and commentator. Keep it up.

a said...

Of course I remember you and that delicious meal we shared! I don't remember getting married though.

Thanks for your kind words. I am still actively updating this site. We'll see where it goes.

If you're ever in the Bay Area do drop a line.