Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beer and Invalids

While flipping through my great grandmother's old cookbook, I spotted a few things of interest. This above Pabst advertisement caught my eye.

And who isn't interested in a chapter all about Invalid Cookery?
Invalid Cookery


Katie said...

Was it one of those church-style cookbooks with the soft cover and plastic spiral binding? I have a stack of them from my grandma and absolutely love them, although no beer ads since they're all church cookbooks. There are hours of entertainment in those things! How are you liking being back in the U.S.?

a said...

I think it was the frontier cookbook. Maybe I'm wrong though. I enjoy looking through them as well. Some strange recipes.

America is as interesting and appalling as I remember: the waistlines are growing, the food is uneven, and the streets are unsafe to walk on. It's exactly how I remember it.