Monday, September 22, 2008

Taco Truck: Mi Grullense

If you were to ask me what has been more important to me in the recent past: finding food, or making friends, I would have to choose the former. This explains the sad state of my social life, and the increasing tendency to relate to snacks more so than people. This may be an early warning sign of a descent into madness where sandwiches begin speaking. Anyhow, a lazy Sunday meant nothing better to do than a bike ride over to the Fruitvale area. A large Latino population, a heavy police presence, and a smattering of taco trucks.

I rode past Tacos Sinaloa and after passing on another truck, I settled upon Mi Grullense.

You might think that this was a poor choice based upon the lack of a crowd. Well, the good folks at Mi Grullense keep two trucks in this Goodwill parking lot. Due to impatience, I chose the not busy truck. People continued to choose the busy one.... Was this a mistake?

If you've ever had a good torta, or Mexican sandwich, you know the hunger that I had on this day. You might think I'm crazy for I carry a 2006 calendar/business card from an especially excellent torta vendor in Mexico City. It was that good. Good bread, Mexican cheese, avocados, special sauces, joy. Back to the present: People ahead of me were ordering tacos. Against my better judgment I went for the torta. I asked the guy behind the grill what the best choice would be. He seemed rather amused that I would ask such a question. I got the bistec. Patrons were using the hoods of their cars or the backs of their trucks. My order arrived and I found a place on the curb.

Ok. So far so good.

Here the alarm bells went off. This bread was far too soft. I opened up the sandwich and it simply put, it was a mess. More like a sloppy Joe than the tortas of my dreams.

I hardly know where to begin. The meat was more like a puree. I would have expected something more like a flat piece of meat. The flavors were sort of there, but the flaccid sandwich just sort of fell apart on me. Why oh why did I not get tacos?

This place deserves another shot. Maybe a sope, some tacos, or perhaps a burrito. Avoid the tortas.

Mi Grullense
2925 International Blvd (In the Goodwill Parking lot!)
Oakland, CA 94620


Robyn said...

But sandwiches do talk. Don't they?

a said...

At present, I'm inclined to say yes.

Xander said...

Mmm, taco trucks. They made staying up all night to cram for a test so much easier. Would you mind mailing me a chicken quesadilla? -X

a said...

Sure! Your address? Express or snail mail?