Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ramadan Cookie

A conversation with a young Muslim man I know turned to Ramadan. I asked about the food, I asked about dates, and he wanted to talk about cake. No complaints. He promised me, and delivered one of his beloved cakes.

What he delivered was a cookie actually. It was made made by his mother in Algeria. I quizzed him about what all was in it, and how it was made. He said he'd get back to me.

I've waited to do a post on this until I had more information. Trouble is, I haven't seen my acquaintance again and I have been unable to find anything at all on the internet. I'm hesitant to just show you a cookie that looks like an organ without any background, but maybe you can help me with the details.

The outside is coated with floral powdered sugar. The cookie is flaky and light, and filled with what I believe to be almond. My friend told me that it is excellent with coffee or tea. This is excellent advice.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog via Eatingasia. That cookie is similar to the Malaysian Ramandan cookie, Makmur. My mother used to make them. The combination of powder sugar, crushed peanuts and flaky crust made it my favourite. Even in Malaysia it is difficult to find a really good version.


a said...

Thanks for your comment. I looked Makmur up and found a few similar cookies, but still nothing quite the same as what I ate. I'm staring to wonder if what I ate was something traditional or a homemade take on something else. We'll see...

julie said...

Hi A,

I like your blog, and this is my first comment.
I think this is a "corne de gazelle", which is a typical North African cookie. Since your friend is from Algeria, this must be it. They're delicious and not so difficult to make, and go down well with a minty green tea.

Hope that helps!

a said...

Thanks Julie!
Seems like a possible match! It certainly begs a hot beverage.