Friday, October 24, 2008

Sweet Maria's Coffee

Do you want to roast your own coffee? Meet Sweet Maria's. It's simply the finest source of green coffee beans I have found online or elsewhere. Do you live in the Bay Area? Even better. You can pick up all your coffee and accessories at their shop in West Oakland. I recently picked up a sampler pack of eight one pound bags of coffee. Only one pound has yet been roasted, but it was simply excellent. The price is right, the quality is excellent, and it's fun. A warning: once you start, you can never go back. Have a look at the Sweet Maria's web page. There's a mountain of great information there. Consider it your homework.


Erica said...

I spy peaberry it!!

a said...

It may be cute but what else? Although this was in fact one of the finest coffees I have roasted, it being peaberry had little to do with it. Convince me.

nicklally said...

better than the stuff we got in santa cruz? how much per pound?

i pan-roasted some more coffee and was complemented on its fine taste. thanks for showing me the way.

a said...

Am on the second pound, and I'd say it's better. Although, my technique has improved.

The price: Are you sitting down? The sampler is 8 pounds of coffee for 32 dollars. That's the pickup/without shipping price.

Here's the sampler info. Scroll way down to find it.

Erica said...

As I understand it, because of it's shape it roasts more evenly and thoroughly. Also because it grows solo in the coffee cherry, it has a more concentrated flavor...all the ones I have had have been very very tasty!