Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fun a Day 2009

Things have been quiet around here. January of '07 and '08 brought us Snack a Day, but this year something else has kept me busy instead. This blog was started accidentally by taking part in the excellent Fun a Day project. The idea is to do something artistic every day for the month of January. My original project was certainly hedonistic but questionably artistic.

This year I did something totally unrelated to food. I decided to have fun by taking pictures of small things in and around my home with the help of a borrowed macro lens. Thanks Hilary! I hope you like them. If not, that's okay as these shots certainly caused me a lot of cursing.

If you're still here and still interested in this project and many others like it, you can visit the Fun a Day show on February 28th in
San Francisco at Queen's Nails in the Mission. I'll be there with my little pictures. Hope to see you there!

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