Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oranges by Post

The citrus season is in full swing and it's been a tad overwhelming to do it justice. Oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, pomelos, and home grown Meyer lemons (to name a few) have piled up. The other week a package arrived and regardless of the redundancy, nothing could have made me happier. Except for the rapture of course.

In an unremarkable neighborhood of Southern California there just happens to be an exceptional orange tree heavy with fruit at the moment. A box was filled and put in the mail. Through the magic of the US postal service, these oranges were mine in a matter of hours. There were also some very nice lemons.

These navels look like any other, but they are something special indeed. While it is hard to convince you the reader of their greatness, just imagine the best example of your favorite fruit and how you feel upon consuming it. These oranges without fail give me this feeling with every piece of fruit and that is something special. I have this annoying habit of remembering favorite food items in strange places the world over. I remember my things like my favorite watermelon, my favorite torta, and favorite laad naa. In some ways it's an arbitrary judgement owing to the time, place, and set of emotions that make up the whole experience and memory. Regardless of this thought, these oranges have yet to be topped. They are time and again, the best oranges I have ever eaten.

While many commercial varieties of fruit are developed to be easy to peel, and thus easy to eat, these navels will not go without a fight. To eat the fruit, you're in for a struggle and a mess, but it is certainly worth it. Thank you Nana!


Anonymous said...

what a great tribute to a wonderful orange tree.

Erica said...

Hope it was lovely...the citrus we got this year here was not so good...I had one really good Mineola Tangelo. That was it :( I'm holding out for a stellar berry season.