Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Broke at the Farmers Market

Here's a recent breakfast from the Temescal Farmers market in North Oakland.


Two coffees and two danishes ran us nine bucks. A reminder why I don't eat out as much as I used to and why poorer folk often eat fast food. It would have taken another tenner to fill the tanks for a day of moderate energy expenditure.

The coffee this morning was impressive. So impressive in fact that I rushed home and roasted my very own Kenyan AA Auction Lot #526 Tegu. In my sampler pack from Sweet Maria's Coffee, a pound of green beans is the same price as two cups of coffee at the farmers market. My advice to you is this: support your local roaster when you can, in this case Blue Bottle (see previous post), and roast your own at other times. Throw your TV out the window and dedicate an evening a week roasting your own. You'll be glad you did, plus your house and clothing will take on an intoxicating aroma.


Robyn said...

Yikes! And a reminder why we're probably not moving back to the US anytime soon. Talk about sticker shock....

a said...

After about a year back in the states it still floors me.

jane said...

oh man, we loved the blue bottle! + they had the most delicious + beautiful bacon brioche we have ever tasted! i wish i had a purdy photo of it for you!! xo

a said...


bacon brioche huh? wow. gotta try that one. You remember from where?

If/when I see you again I'll see if i can serve you some delicious home roasted coffee!

jane said...

can you tell i'm catching up on your blog?!

sorry i fell behind.

i'm not sure who makes it but we got it to go with our coffee @ the ferry terminal location of blue bottle. we bought 3 coffees on our way out of san francisco, robert's usual americano, a yummy mocha + i HAD to try their new orleans style iced coffee.

this magical brioche was flower shaped, crispy on the outside + had an entire beautiful piece of bacon coiled in the middle.


+ yes i would love to try some of your home roast when next we meet! + your home brew while we are at it!!


a said...


if you really want to catch up, you have a couple hundred posts to read. get readin!