Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter (A day late)

With all the religious holidays in the world, it's nice to know that there is one holiday that I can easily celebrate without thinking about any of the reasons for its celebration. From an outsiders perspective, in America that is, Easter has little or nothing at all to do with an implausible resurrection. This is about jelly beans and chocolate.
Maybe the Zoroastrians could learn a thing or two about attracting new converts. Using the tooth fairy as a model is a good place to start. Create a furry little animal or other jolly and lovable character to draw attention away from all the other claptrap and you'll snare the younger generation before their critical reasoning skills develop. They'll never stop to think about anything at all if presents, candy, and revelry is involved. Hell, I come from a Jewish family, and I love Easter! That pesky Easter bunny must have hidden those eggs somewhere...
Happy Easter! What's it all about? Who cares, there's chocolate.

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