Friday, April 24, 2009

La Villa Fresh Mex

While college campuses often have cheap eats, it's rarely food to write home about. While this may be sound advice wherever you are, cheap tacos canceled out any misgivings I would normally have.
While waiting for mon petit ami, I spotted La Villa Fresh Mex. They had a taco special on. From 4-8 tacos are a dollar apiece. This is a great price for tacos around here, so I dove right in. Tres tacos de asada greeted me and they weren't too shabby.
The meat was lean and not too chewy, the salsa rich and spicy, and the serve yourself condiments were fresh enough.
While La Villa doesn't win any awards, three bucks for a plate of tacos is a deal if i ever saw one. The frat boys, girls in ill fitting shorts, and homeless people I ate with seemed to agree.

La Villa Fresh Mex Taco Stand
Telegraph Avenue and Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94720

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