Monday, May 18, 2009

The Cherries of Chinatown

Cherries are in season, and like most other fruit of California, Chinatown has them in abundance. Now look: I shop at farmers markets, and get a CSA food box for local organic produce. This is a bit of a hardship for our household, but it's one we really feel is worth it. That is, until the very things we crave far exceed our price range. We run into this a lot, and usually we deal.

I walk near or through San Francisco's Chinatown four days a week. The produce taunts me. You've read about this before here. Well, on more than one occasion this week the temptation became too much and I carried home about three and a half pounds of cherries for about three bucks. The same price tag might not even buy a pint at the farmers markets or upmarket grocery stores.
I grew up looking forward to the summers when I would get to eat almost bottomless bowls of cherries. I wasn't going to let this cherished tradition fall by the wayside. No way.

We've been eating a lot of cherries lately, and I'm a happy boy.


Robyn said...

I used to go for huge bags of pea tendrils in Chinatown when I worked in SF. Though I suppose those are available most anywhere these days?

a said...

while they may in fact be available at Whole Paycheck, I mean Foods, you already know the likely price difference.