Saturday, May 23, 2009

Taqueria Pancho Villa and the Very Beautiful

Sometimes you just want a burrito. I tried to rally the troops to the Mission in San Francisco for burritos, a sit in the park, and maybe a few beers. No takers, but I was determined. I went to Taqueria Pancho Villa. Not the best taqueria there is, but one I have fond memories of, plus it was on the way.
Burritos are the thing I miss when I'm out of the country and I never get tired of them. Even when they're bad, they are good. Really. This one was definitely good though.
On my way out of the place a man stopped me and demanded that I take his picture. So I did. He wanted me to take more, but I declined. He wanted to tell me that there was more value in taking snapshots of ordinary people (like him), not Hollywood types and the decidedly beautiful. I told him he was beautiful. He wanted more photos and my philosophy on the matter, but I didn't really have it in me. I did consider telling him that one of my favorite subjects was dead insects but thought better of it. After failing to draw me out he cursed and asked the both of us, "Why am I wasting my time talking with you?" Why indeed. He told me that he wouldn't put me in his book. He's in mine though.

3071 16th St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 864-8840‎

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Robert H said...

My favorite taqueria from our decidedly short SF visit was El Farolito. It was sketchy as hell in the middle of the night, but man did it satisfy my craving. Pancho Villa was solid though. Worlds about what you are able to get up this way.