Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Colonial Donuts

Now this hurts. After mediocre Indian/Pakistani food in San Francisco followed by Hennessy in a Park, we went on a great search for fried food. A friend knew of an all night doughnut place in Oakland near Lake Merritt so away we went.
If you didn't know, I like donuts. There's something about fried food. Just about every culture's got fried dough in their repertoire of foods that can ruin your stomach for the evening. Most of the time though, it's all good.

We went to Colonial Donuts and it was a good scene. A group of men of various ages were playing some serious chess, intermittently trash talking one another. People were studying, and some of Oakland's "Finest" came in for what it is they are known to eat. Sometimes stereotypes are based on some form of truth you know.

We ordered a butter milk glazed, and a French style with maple glaze.
The butter milk glazed was respectable, but hit the gut like a ton o bricks. I'm still wondering what kind of long term damage it may have done. And the French style or whatever it was tasted of fish.
It was difficult
to finish.

It's late at night, you're hungry, where you gonna go? Unfortunately, it looks like there aren't always a lot of choices. I'm willing to give them another shot. You probably can't do any better or worse than Colonial Donuts at 3 AM.

Colonial Donuts
3318 Lakeshore Ave
Oakland, CA 94610
(510) 893-2503

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