Monday, June 29, 2009

Corn on the Cob

They say it's summer and now I believe it. There have been berries, bouts of poison oak and now this.
Corn on the cob. I get moist eyes just thinking about it, less so this one. Reminds me of being a kid, getting braces, and not being able to eat it off the cob. Waiting for corn season to arrive again has included a similar yearning.

For this simple pleasure, a simple recipe:

Take one teaspoon of chili flakes and another of salt. Crush together in your mortar and pestle. Set aside.

Take one pat of butter and mix with one clove of garden and a nibble of cilantro, Set aside.

Steam, boil, or grill your corn and then rub your ingredients on your corn until you've burned little fingers. Enjoy.


MC said...

I don't know what it is about corn on the cob, but I love it! I always have some on hand and of course I love to prepare it the old fashioned way with a little butter and salt.

It's just sweet subtle perfection. Oh and grilled on an open flame! Ugh, I'm totally making myself hungry!

Robyn said...

I'll go you one butter -- oops, I mean better: rectangle of foil, heavily butter your cob, sprinkle on salt/chili, roll up in foil and seal ends well, throw it on grill. When it's done you've got lovely caramelized kernels.
However you prepare it, enjoy one for me. I've gotten used to starchier, older Asian corn but there's just nothing like good old American summer sweet corn on the cob!

a said...


Yes, there definitely is some thing about on the cob... Hard to beat!


Sounds mexican to me. I'll give it a try