Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wild Berries

A friend was kind enough to take me hiking the other week and it was one of the more pleasant experiences in recent memory. If there's one thing that needs to change about my life, it is that I need to get out of the city more often.

We went to the lovely Point Reyes, for a hike over the hills, up the beach and back again. Trees, sun, sand. It is at times like these that the silly primitivists start making a lot of sense to me.
As is my weakness as a photographer, I hardly captured our hike, which was in fact stunning, and spent my time capturing what we ate along the way.
I love street eats, but equally so wild ones. We were met with the most wonderful salmon berries all along our hike. A number of times we stopped and grazed.
Also, for the first time in many years, I was able to sample the wonderful wild strawberries of the west coast.
It takes a sharp eye and a bit of patience, but these little sweet fruits are a nice rewarding treat along the trail. If this isn't your cup of tea, eat your damn powerbar and move along.


Robyn said...

Ouch. Now this really makes me homesick. Dog in the car, off to Point Reyes with a stop at Cowgirl creamery for a loaf and a couple slabs of cheese, hours hiking the trails ending at a beach, then a stop on the way home at a farm stand for dinner fixings: wild salmon and corn on the cob.
Don't know whether to thank you or curse you for reminding me of what a great place to live the Bay Area is.

a said...

It seems like just about everyone loves the Bay Area, except maybe Bill O'Reilly. Maybe I've asked this before: would you trade where you are living now for the bay area?