Monday, September 21, 2009

Backyard Figs

I want to tell you about my figs. Actually, first I want to tell you about my house. We'll get to the figs.

The house where I live is about a hundred years old. Old by some people's standards, not so much by others. Whether it's true or not, we've been told from someone or another, that the first people to live in our house after its completion was an Italian family. One very important thing that they did upon moving in was to plant a couple of fig trees. A couple of very old fig trees share the backyard with a loquat tree, walnut tree, and a redwood. Currently, the fig trees are heavy with fruit. Even with the currently hot weather, the figs ripen only sporadically, so when I spy a ripening fig, I get excited.

Sometimes I check back over the course of a week as a fig gets to its point of bursting. It's hard to wait as it might get pecked by a bird, one of my roommates might see it, or I might simply forget about it and it will pass. But when the stars align, I just might get the perfect fig.

As a kid who grew up eating Fig Newtons, I really had no idea how phenomenal figs really were until much later in life. I'm currently in the process of making up for that.


vanessa said...

I am so jealous of your fig tree! We planted one a few years ago and get lucky if we get three figs from it per year. Ah, so delicious.

I'm from Berkeley, but a college student in New York now and when you go to the grocery store EVERYTHING is from California. It's crazy! Makes me miss home and all the great fresh food.

a said...


Our fig tree is great. It certainly is old. Give yours a few more decades!

I know how you feel. Suddenly being without fresh food is very tough. I'm not from California, nor do I really love it, but it would be hard for me to give up the great year round produce.

Hanie said...

My late grandfather planted a fig tree in his garden after he came back from pilgrimage in Mecca. Unfortunately, the uncle who inherited the house after his death cut it down to make way for an extra parking area >.<