Monday, September 7, 2009

A Simple Quesadilla

What with all the posts about festivals and street food regulations, I wanted to post something simple. It's easy to lose track of the mundane, which is what we all usually eat on a day to day basis. Remember: mundane in one place is something else entirely in another geographical location. Take pride in what you have where you are, and learn what you can elsewhere.


Here's a simple quesadilla in my dining room. While many food blogs offer complicated recipes to impress friends and enemies, it's important to keep it simple sometimes. While this quesadilla won't win any awards, it's easy and delicious. Like this: Heat pan, apply tortilla, place grated cheese inside, remove from heat, and place avocado and picante. Chase with beer and convince yourself you've just eaten in a fancy restaurant. The money you've saved might help pay those insurance premiums, or even your monthly bill to the hospital you owe your entire life savings and or your child's college fund.

I usually make my own, but the tortillas are made nearby, the cheese is not shipped in from across the country, the avocado is from the state, and the best picante always comes from Mexico. Here we have something I've always eaten as a quick snack or part of a meal. At home I take it for granted, while far away I'd almost kill for it.

Sometimes it's tough to wrap one's head around what exactly it is that Americans eat. The above is just one example This post may be painfully obvious in its observations but I dare you to try and sit down and in fifty words or less, describe what it is that Americans eat. Your comments are certainly appreciated.

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