Friday, January 8, 2010

Taqueria Los Gorditos

With all the great coffee and local beer I've been consuming in Portland, the best place to start is with a taco truck. The Mexican diaspora is not limited to California, so let's take a look shall we?

After one too many cups of coffee a snack was in order. Rapid fire speech and jittery hands needed to be calmed down with a bit of masa and maybe some grease. D and M recommended a taco truck so off we went. I'm a man of taco trucks, so this was a scientific expedition.
Where to begin? Well, the usual suspects were lined up next to a few new faces. Vegetarian and vegan tacos were on offer.

Dr. N and professor E ventured to try the soyrizo tacos. Kind of like chorizo, but made from soy, get it?
I'd love to tell you all about these but they didn't even reach my lips. I forgot to have a taste. Another patron asked the proprietor what soyrizo was, and he just shook his head and said "I don't know."

I went with a more run of the mill order. Cabeza was unavailable so I went with asada:

A few radishes, carrots, chiles, and limes and this might have felt more complete. Nothing to write home about as I'm spoiled by the tacos in the Bay Area. Otherwise, a decent and cheap place to grab a bite. Also, if you like to enjoy ethnic food as long as it conforms to your lifestyle, the vegetarian and vegan tacos might be right up your alley.

Taqueria Los Gorditas
SE 50th Ave & SE Division St
Portland, OR 97255
(503) 875-2615


Anonymous said...

Feel free to take a peek of these photos we snapped:

a said...

looks great! thanks for sharing!