Sunday, January 17, 2010

Waffle Window

These days waffles are in. That is to say, Portland's Waffle Window is not the only place I've recently had Belgian Style waffles, but it's probably the best.

The waffle window is a pretty straightforward and idiot proof concept. It goes like this: you are hungry, not hungry, or maybe just underemployed and bored. You scrape together enough change to buy yourself a waffle before heading down the street to the next coffee shop where you carouse the job adds and wonder to yourself when the economy might turn around so you can one day shop at American Apparel. They have nice sweaters and tights modeled by porn stars and have good labor practices that attract young urban professionals to their stores in neighborhoods which are being gentrified. But really, I can't see why more windows aren't festooned with waffles. And if you go to the Waffle Window, your waffles are both delicious and cheap.
On our first visit we had a round of fresh plain hot waffles which gave us comfort on the rather cold day.

On the second visit, and my second plain waffle, one of my companions had a chocolate dipped. While it certainly looked nice, it did not arrive hot like my simple plain waffle did.
My other dining partner ordered a chevre, spinach, and tomato waffle which was eaten in the adjacent restaurant where there are a few tables set up for a few wafflers.
While it certainly looked beautiful, we didn't much care for the savory ingredients on the rather sweet waffle. I recommend a plain waffle and a leisurely stroll. Save your remaining money for pills or maybe a (un)happy hour.

Waffle Window
SE 36th Ave and Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 239-4756

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Hanie said...

I remember having a similar type of waffle (savoury on sweet) in one tiny shop tucked in the corner of a shopping mall. The toppings included mushroom & garlic, or chicken salad. It was a tad odd, but not too bad.