Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jake 1995-2010

I said goodbye to my favorite cat yesterday. Actually, my parents did for me. You see, Jake was my cat when I was fifteen years old. You can do the math yourself but he was a couple months shy of his 15th birthday and just missed my 30th. As you can probably guess, Jake was around for a lot of big events in my life even though I wasn't always living with him. It's strange to think of him as no longer around, and going home won't ever be the same

Maybe I should be happy that I'm only mourning the loss of an animal friend, not a blood relative. Unfortunately, the decline of our family pets only reminds us of the inevitable passage of time.
As we see our pets grow old we pause and think about our own mortality. When I first held Jake, he was a very small kitten and I was a messed up fifteen year old. We were quite a pair. Now I'm a fair bit older and still pretty confused. Well I guess that analogy fell apart. Anyhow, maybe I should be grateful that when the time came, a veterinarian could simply inject him with some drug so he could drift off to sleep peacefully and painlessly, surrounded by the ones who loved him. I can only hope to go in such a way when my time comes.

Jake now resides under the ground in the backyard of the house where I grew up. His body will feed the worms and nourish the soil for the future. There is no heaven for people or cats and that's just fine by me. Jake was my favorite cat in life and that's all that matters.
Goodbye Jake, I'll miss you.


Michael and Susan said...

His was a presence which cannot be replaced. We will miss him every day. Thank you for the nice remembrance.

Hanie said...

He was such a lovely looking cat. Your love for him is evident in these photos!

Question though, for I am curious; why do both his ears seem to have been clipped slightly? Is it from a fight?

a said...


You know, when I was looking at these photos I was not familiar with both ears looking like that. I have a memory of him getting roughed up by another cat and getting his eat ear clipped. But I don't remember it happening to both.