Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Overheard at the Farmers Market

So, what do we need?
So we came here and the one thing we needed they don't have!
Well, we can just swing by TJ's (Tradrer Joe's) on the way home.

It's the middle of March. It's getting beautiful here in Northern California. There are a variety of excellent greens available. Asparagus is here! The berries are on their way! And the people behind me at the farmers market are dying for eggplant. It's going to be a couple months folks! They talked about what they wanted to eat during the week and it dawned on me what their problem was. They were talking about what they wanted, not what there was.
Ok, well actually, you can get anything you want here in America at any given time. We are a big melting pot so we get to have just about anything, anytime, anywhere! Also, we're pretty rich. That's why you can get raspberries in the middle of winter. Thanks Chile! But really, even with the popularity of farmers markets, people by and large don't have any concept of things coming into season, being really really amazing for a a few weeks or months, and then kissing it goodbye until next year. Maybe I know this because I grew up with a garden, or because of living overseas and only being able to buy what was being grown nearby. It seems simple, but it's not a concept many live by even in the sunny state of California.

This Friday, I'm going to the best farmers market in Oakland, and if there are strawberries, I'm making pie.


julie said...

Lucky you! the only asparagus available now here is from Peru:(

I support the idea of eating locally produced food but it's easier if you live in a good climate.

a said...

where you at?

Robert H said...

I'm really excited about the Rapini and Asparagus these days. Our state grown asparagus is still a little ways off, but I cheated a bit and got some from you guys. The markets have really started jumping again, coupled with some actual sun on the weekends, it has really been wonderful.

a said...

I just might already be sick of asparagus. oh my!

julie said...

Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Bit too early for asparagus yet, and the locally grown comes from Germany and is white. I prefer green.

hillary said...

Belated comment but I'll add that even my four year old understands seasonality. Yesterday I was cutting up some strawberries for her and while I was cutting I commented, "These berries are so ripe and delicious!" She replied, "That's because it's strawberry season. Next year it will be cherries that are ripe and delicious." [She meant next season, but close enough!]