Monday, May 24, 2010

What Does Your Barbecue Look Like?

It's an honest question really. A modest barbecue was had on Friday and it got me thinking about the meaning of this beloved gathering. Because of our diverse backgrounds this barbecue was a mishmash.

Z brought sausages. A very picky Korean friend was coming so I got the kimchi out.
A kimchi hot dog is not rocket science, although I'm sure someone will get famous for this.
My Korean friend ate most of it.

Someone threw corn on the grill husk and all. A friend and former resident of Oaxaca brought queso fresco, I grabbed a lime and some chili. It was something like Mexican corn.
E made some adorable tarts with custard and the currently abundant strawberries.
Someone else brought sweet potatoes and I buried them in the coals. A while later we dug them out, peeled back the skin and enjoyed the perfectly cooked insides.

Others brought homebrew, cake, salami, fruit, and a variety of cheeses. It was certainly comforting when a forty of Old E made an appearance. So, what does your barbecue look like? I have a vision in my mind of what a "typical" American barbecue might look like (beer, burgers, dogs, lemonade, etc), but the diverse population here makes such ideas rather limited and not a reflection of modern America.


Robert H said...

Salmon is almost a given at a Seattle BBQ.

One of the more interesting twists is how some of us top our hot dogs though. There are quite a few people (myself included, occasionally) that put cream cheese and scallions on them. A friend of mine adds pepper jelly on top of that. The result is pretty amazing, actually. I'm getting hungry now.

Occasionally we wrap our corn in foil with Chipotle Tabasco for something similar to what you have going there.

I can't wait for some more outdoor cooking action.

Anonymous said...

Hello a,

You have a very nice blog. In Romania where I live we usually grill all sorts of meat, chicken, fish, pork and our traditional mici. Mici are a sort of ground meat with a lot of spices rolled to look like... I don't know how to explain it, maybe you can find a photo online if you want to see how mici look like.

We also picked up the habit of grilling hamburgers, but not that much.

Nice to read you,