Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Socialism and Berries

It was with great excitement that I received my San Francisco library card early this summer. One of the many joys of living in a large metropolitan area is the access to quality public institutions such as libraries.

Sadly, certain members of our country, when not sniffing glue or listening to right wing radio, are currently attacking our public institutions. Conservative members of our country for years have been doing their damnedest to undermine public education, much like they've recently fought like hell to keep health care privatized and crooked. For whatever reason, the constantly selfish or simply manipulated would rather see their fellow citizens turned out of their homes and die of treatable diseases than receive treatment befitting the citizens of the world's remaining superpower. Recent cuts in library funding have me worried. What's next? Are we going to do away with police and fire departments, the postal service, and municipal water supplies? If the red scare of the 21st century makes a casualty of our public libraries, I would certainly hate to have to buy all those shitty Michael Crichton novels myself.
Where was I? Oh yes, berries. The day I got my library card was also my first time of really shopping at the Civic Center Farmers Market. Every Wednesday and Sunday people descent upon the United Nations Plaza to freely spend their wages on fruits and vegetables for the week. And on the radio they tried to say that we were heading toward socialism. I mean communism. I mean fascism. Oh boy.

Anyhow, it was near the end of raspberry season so we picked up half a flat for seven bucks. Beautiful.
Look at those berries!
The cyborg girl seen above made a delicious tart, but first we had to go stand in a long line just to pick up our monthly rations of flour and sugar. It was worth the wait.

Heart of the City Farmers Market
1182 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94102
Wednesday and Sunday 8AM-5PM


Robert H said...

7 bucks? Jesus. I paid like 4 dollars for half a pint the other day. Damn you socialist Californians.

a said...

The key here is the choice of Market. Next you've got the time of the season. It creates a perfect storm for perfect and cheap produce. Both the Alameny and Civic center markets are good for this. Some local markets, I'm not naming names, will never sell anything but trophy produce to gawkers and those with too much money.