Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chinese Food?

Once a week I tutor a group of Chinese students at San Francisco State University. As food is one of my favorite subjects, I've started working lunch into our weekly meetings. A few weeks back I decided to join them at "Asia Express" come lunch time. One of the things they suggested I try was the MaPo Tofu. It's a dish I am familiar with but feel that good versions are lacking in the area.  They assured me this one was good.
Well, um. It just kinda looked and tasted like what I affectionately call "mall Chinese food" if you catch my drift. Just yesterday I again asked one of the women about the food and she assured me that it was "really good".  I'm still scratching my head.


hillary said...

Take random American, put them in another country, and ask them to show you good American food.

a said...

maybe I'm not random enough, but it always tasted off and I always said as much.

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