Sunday, November 28, 2010


For most of the year, I'm mostly bored by the American food culture that I am surrounded by. I'm tired of food trends and fashions that are so prevalent in San Francisco. I miss vibrant street scenes and markets. Our streets are wide and for cars and our markets are few and far between.  You can get a lot in this big mixing bowl of America, but something has defanged a lot of imported flavors. Call it the wild wild west meets the great blanding grounds. I'm mostly bored by it all and my mind is often elsewhere save for one day a year.

Thanksgiving is not about some supernatural happening thousands of years ago or a day dedicated to buying useless shit on credit. It's about food, friends, and family. This is the holiday for me. This is also incidentally, the one day of the year where I would not want to be anywhere else. Each and every year I savor it.

This year, for a variety of scheduling mishaps, we ended up staying in San Francisco for the big day. We enjoyed a lot of the usual suspects. But instead of turkey, we opted for a large cut of wild boar recently shot by a housemate. A Chinese friend brought some excellent dumplings. Otherwise, most of what we had would be familiar to my largely North American audience. I've included a slide show for you to enjoy, or not.

Until next year...

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