Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dried Prawn and Coconut Soup With Pumpkin

Today I purchased frozen pandan, "fresh" frozen coconut milk, a young coconut wrapped in plastic, and some other less interesting items. I'll try and get to them in the coming days. No, the coconut wasn't local, but thanks for asking.

I don't feel very clever or wordy today so I'll make this quick. I was getting low on some things but here's what I scraped together for a lovely coconut soup with pumpkin and dried shrimp.
That's white pepper, dried shrimp, shallots, a pumpkin, and hiding in the upper corner is coriander root. Save for the pumpkin, they all got together in my mortar and pestle and made a lovely paste.

Coconut milk and broth were brought to a boil, the paste was introduced, then pumpkin and dried prawns were added. It was very romantic.
It was rich, creamy, salty, and a little sweet. I'm trying to think of something interesting or clever to say, but I'm striking out. Good food sometimes leaves me at a loss for words.

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orange said...

This sounds really good! :-) Think I have to try it with the dried shrimp that are sleeping in my fridge.