Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fried Squid with Garlic and Peppercorns

I spent the afternoon on a pleasant forty mile bike ride in Marin County. A few hours of pedaling meant that I deserved every bit of today's squid.
This is easy: You marinate a half pound of squid in a table spoon of fish sauce and a pinch of sugar while you make a paste of a few coriander roots, a teaspoon of white peppercorns, and a couple cloves of garlic.  After letting your squid get comfortable for half an hour or so, you rub the paste on the now marinated squid, and drop into hot oil for a quick fry. Cook just barely or you'll be eating rubbery rubbish. Top with fresh cilantro and serve with chili sauce and you're in heaven. A beer is also helpful.

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