Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kanom Krok at Home

Today I made what is perhaps my favorite Thai street food, Kanom Krok. It has made a few appearances on the blog with posts of its very own here and here, and many other mentions in passing (here and I'm sure other places as well). All over the kingdom I enjoyed picking up this lovely little kanom without a care in the world. Trying to make them in my own kithen gave me pause and even greater respect for the ladies who often spend long hours laboring over hot pans while still being able to manage perfect cakes.

I had been meaning to make these cakes for a more than a couple of years now, but it took my project this month to finally get my act together. I had long imagined that I would use my trusty aebleskiver pan. I wrote about aebleskivers here and maybe somewhere else as well. They are a favorite, and their pan is a close approximation of a Kanom Krok pan.
I like my Kanom Krok with a little green onion in the center, although they are also good with taro, corn, or just plain.
Keeping them from sticking and cooking enough in the center is a real chore.
Here is a good reminder of how pictures can help craft a lie. I could tell you that this snack was a success and it turned out perfectly. The picture proves it. However, only a few turned out well. Many of them were hard to remove from the pan. My proportions were wrong. I filled up the cups too full and the holes were deeper than on a Kanom Krok pan. The few that turned out were lovely, but I'm in no hurry to make them again anytime soon. Removed from the street with the added labor, I daresay they lose a little something.


❤Cate❤ said...

I love all this Thai food you're making we have a tako yaki maker we use for kanom krok although we haven't made it in a while it's one of my fave Thai desserts to xoxo

a said...


cool! would you sat you have good success with a tako yaki maker? I think the holes in my pan are a tad too deep.