Monday, January 31, 2011

Mango and Sticky Rice

Today I made my last dish for the month long Thai cooking project. Mango and sticky rice, one of my favorite sacks/desserts, relies on fresh mangoes to be a success. Actually, it also relies on proper knowledge of what the dish is supposed to be. I've had mango and sticky rice served to me by friends and acquaintances over the years where the rice was a like a pudding with all kinds of strange additions. I've encountered this on more than one occasion but I still have no idea where they are getting their recipes.

First things first, you need sticky rice. To make sticky rice you soak sticky rice overnight then steam it the following morning. I used a steamer over a wok. Notice, there is nothing below the rice. It worked like magic.
Twenty to thirty minutes later I had sticky rice and if I wasn't making a dessert, I could have been done.

I treated the finished rice with coconut cream, sugar, and a little salt.

The coconut cream topping the recipe called for sounded too sweet, so I just made it salty, like the mango and sticky rice of my memories (here and here). I felt that this was the right choice as it gave the dish some much needed balance.
This dessert was a pleasant misfire for me, but a good learning experience. The mango was all wrong, I undercooked the rice, and I found the rice too sweet. Would I make it again? Maybe, but first I would get a more appropriate variety of mango. Mine was a large round variety that is prone to tartness. When I make this again, I need to find the sweetest possible mango.

Tomorrow, I'll be back to do a write up of the past month.


❤Cate❤ said...

Yummy this is my favourite!

a said...

mine too!

Suomi said...

Cool,,i love it!

Hollee said...

have you tried champagne mangos? these seem to work nicely

a said...

are those the small yellow ones in season right now?

Hollee said...

yes..I got them 2 for a dollar at Pleasant Hill Market today.. look for the deep golden yellow for the very sweet flavor.vitarop

Hollee said...

also its so smooth in flavor and much less fibrous than the pink and green mangos...when the skin wrinkles you will know its ripe.

a said...

Yes! these are the ones I've been buying. I've recently gotten them 3 for a dollar in the Mission in SF.

cambree said...

For this dish, try eating with the "champagne/ataulfo mango." If it's soft then it's ripe.

I like eating them for lunch with just sticky rice.