Friday, January 21, 2011

A Stabbing and Red Chicken Curry With Ginger and Green Beans

I was greatly distracted making today's lunch owing to the fatal stabbing outside my front door. We don't know all the details, but my housemate witnessed some rather disturbing scenes in the back of an ambulance. When I ventured out for some green beans an hour or so later, cops were everywhere in front of my house and around the corner. A mess of blood was on the sidewalk, and the victim's clothes were on the ground after having been cut from his body as is customary is trauma cases.

I often make offhanded remarks about violence and unsafe streets, but it's deadly serious. I've seen guns flashed in Oakland, used to hear shots at night, and even had to talk to the police after a man was shot in the leg outside a friend's West Oakland apartment. People assume that San Francisco is safer than Oakland, but I'm not so sure.

Violent crime in this country is really something else. I often feel grateful that I was born in this country, though sheer dumb luck, not owing to some deity who picks and chooses who should be born into poverty, famine, war, or a combination thereof. However, I'm always dumbstruck at how incredibly unsafe I feel on the streets in the country of my birth. I've travelled all over the world and lived in a few countries, and done some really stupid things, but this is the country I feel the least safe in. Okay, I'm finished ranting now.

Today I made a wonderful red curry with chicken. It also included shredded ginger, green beans, and apple egg plants.
It's not obvious from the photo but this curry was full of roughage. I just sort of ate through loads of ginger and bits of kaffir lime leaf. My stomach just might hate me later.

The red curry paste for this was much the same as a previous red curry, but the execution is quite different.  There's a handful of Thai basil thrown in, and the ginger and vegetables added make this curry more suited to a stand alone meal than just one dish in a larger one.  It's a reminder that a basic curry paste recipe can be adapted for many purposes.

After making a small bowl of curry for myself I realized that it was better suited to have over rice.
Nice chipped bowl huh? This is something I will repeat. The curry, not the chipped bowl.


julie said...

It looks delicious!
I enjoyed reading through all your January Thai food posts. Super exotic. If I weren't so lazy I would try one of your recipes.

Scary stabbing story...

a said...

thanks Julie

It took me living away from Thailand for something like 2.5 years before I finally threw off the laziness to work on these recipes. It has kind of taken over my life but it has been worth it.