Thursday, March 3, 2011

February Food, Losing the Plot

After my month of Thai food in January, I figured I'd do something food related in February. It didn't really work out. I shot pictures of things that I put together in my kitchen and a few things enjoyed while out. They don't paint a coherent picture of anything.

The above slide show paints a picture that is a person eating and drinking well but kinda all over the place. I won't tell you that there's anything wrong with what you see, but I do get kinda tired of eating without a little more focus. If you're just here for the pictures you might be happy, but with so much to eat from so many points of origin, it's had to be much of an authority and provide adequately informative content. Really, it just advertises my diet which just isn't that interesting. I can eat just about any cuisine that I want here, but there's little here that is better than from its country of origin. Well, except maybe for the beer.

With so much to dabble in, I sorta lose the narrative. Scratch that, I have a hard time finding any narrative at all.

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